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Convert 3x More Clients This Year

Find the right audience for your coaching business with Audientum, curated audiences built from data personalized to your niche.

Make the Right Connections

If you’re sinking money into expensive systems, programs, and paid ads that don’t net results, it’s not that you aren’t getting in front of people; you’re not getting in front of the right people. Audientum works with you to create a curated audience: a collection of customized leads tailored to your niche, pulled from highly researched data that goes beyond any algorithm’s reach.

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Curated Audience

  • Factors in behavioral data such as who people are and what they need
  • Proactive research digs into what people value most to reveal buying patterns
  • Real, vetted leads that are ready to sign up
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vs Traditional Lists

  • Limited to generic demographics that don’t illustrate the whole person
  • Reactive data that only shows what people have done
  • Out-of-date contacts that go nowhere

Personal Meets Technical

To build your curated audience, we use a people-based process that infuses personal connections with technical prowess:


Analyze Your Current Audience and Clients

We dig into where you’re thriving and where you need to grow.

Download our Process Overview

Define Your Dream Customer Avatar

We develop a clear picture of your ideal audience.

Download our Process Overview

Survey Prospects

After designing a custom survey, we’ll gain foundational data from a wide sample set.

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Model and Refine Your Audience

We get niche with your audience, providing you with the data you need to succeed.

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It’s More Than Just Numbers

Impressions aren’t sales. People (or bots) who see your ad but don’t sign up are diminishing your ROI, which is why Audientum dives deeper to help you target actual potential customers for better conversions.

During two 90-day periods, one of our clients saw the following results:

Independent marketing efforts

Qualified leads46

Using Audientum curated audience

Qualified leads877
With a curated audience, you can bring in more clients with less effort!
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Audientum | ConnectTM is ideal for:

  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Course creators
  • Webinars
  • Live launches
  • In-person events and workshops
  • Any business or digital marketer looking for more targeted lead generation
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Focus Energy Where It Counts

We handle the technical details so you can do what you do best, helping you realize your true potential. We offer several tiers of audience-curation support, allowing you to generate over 3x more leads for a much lower investment in time, energy, and budget.*

Work with Audientum to receive:

  • Unparalleled understanding of your target customer
  • Guidance on not only who your customers are but how to reach them
  • Omni-channel audience capability that works across social media platforms
  • More conversions, more clients, and more success with every launch

Change Your Business, Change Your Life

I spent years wandering around throwing spaghetti on the wall just hoping something would stick. It seems so obvious now. No wonder I couldn’t find clients. My prospects were confused because my message wasn’t focused. After working through your audience building process, I know who my audience is now. I have developed messaging to speak to them and actually connect.

I am proud to report that I had my first launch last week. I booked 12 consultation calls and have already signed 7 new clients! That’s $21K in less than 90 days! My business didn’t bring in $21K all last year!

– Dionne

After several failed attempts I was ready to throw in the towel. Always grinding but not turning much into money. I am grateful every day that I came across Audientum and your audience building formula. I am convinced that being Omni-Channel now makes the biggest difference. We always heard about needing 7 touches before a person will buy with you. Now that process is accelerated because I can know my message is being seen in at least four places at once and exactly where my audience is going to see it.

– Max

When I started my business I defined an avatar of who I wanted to work with. I had no idea how targeted I needed to be to really be in front of the right audience. Since starting my coaching business 3 years ago, I have experienced sporadic income despite my efforts to do “all the things.” I just couldn’t get traction. When I came across the idea of using a curated audience for lead generation, I didn’t believe my results would be so drastic. I just launched my first program marketing to my curated audience and increased my conversions by 350%! I actually sold out my program!

– Caitlin G.

I’ve paid for several high ticket programs and never realized an ROI which made me skeptical about investing in a curated audience. Honestly, it sounded too good to be true! I was tired of wasting time and money on efforts that didn’t produce results. After much deliberation, I finally decided I needed to try something new to take my company to the next level. This was the answer for me. Since I started marketing to my highly-defined audience, I have seen increased engagement on social media and closed $157,000 in business over the past 60 days!

– Patricia O.

I hate bots! Using AI to generate leads goes against everything I believe in. I got into coaching because I am a people person and I want to interact with potential customers in a personal way. Social selling wasn’t working to grow my business. I was spending tons of money and time without realizing any tangible results. The leads I got were not highly qualified. There were lots of conversations just to determine if they were my ideal customer. When I got my curated audience, I found that conversations were more organic because they were interested in the services I offered. I am pleased to say, I have 4xed my income over the past 60 days!

– Marla P.
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